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Ecommerce has become one of the largest sources of income for not just marketers but also everyone that aspires to sell something; but most people spend a lot in the process of creating the store to getting the product and marketing and still end up in making a low profit, why? Because they are either selling the wrong product or selling the right product with the wrong marketing strategy.

Before selling, you have to first understand that they are some products that will always be in relatively high demand while others might trend for some time and fade out. Some examples of relatively high demanded goods would be something centered in health or gadgets and some examples of trending products will be things like fidget spinner which were very popular in the year 2017-18 but faded away. So a very key in selling online is picking a relatively high demanded good.

Another thing to consider before selling is your product niche (a product that you like or admire). Understand whether it’s a reseller product or a made-to-sell product.

1. RESELLER BUSINESS: It’s getting a product from a market and reselling it on the eCommerce store. Most examples of reseller products are clothes, shoes, gadgets and in most cases, they are centered in relatively high demanded good. Products like this sell faster because you are not spending much, your main budget will be to get the product, establishing the store, selling and transport. One of the disadvantages of resellers’ products is that you don’t decide the price to gain profit…your price must be in the same state as others i.e if the product sells for #500 you have no choice than to sell it for that #500 without adding any extra cost to build your profit.

2. MADE-TO-SELL: From the name, you can already understand what it is all about, Made-to-sell is you creating the product whether it’s already a highly demanded good or a trendy good, you are the one making it. One of the difficulties of this is that the cost is high as you’ll be spending a lot on buying the equipment to making the product then transporting to selling and some other expenses but one of the good things about this is that you decide your price, unlike the reseller product. You can decide to sell it for a high price depending on the capital, but it also varies in the sense that you’ll have to come up with a good reason for selling for that price. Examples of made-to-sell products are jewelry, crafts, most handmade products are more.

So once you’ve decided to sell and what to sell, the next is to decide where to sell online and I highly recommend SHOPIFY.

SHOPIFY is ranked the best eCommerce platform for everyone who wishes to sell…of course, there are a lot of other platforms in making an eCommerce store like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace but SHOPIFY comes with various supportive tools for a better eCommerce store with easy self-building templates to the rest…SHOPIFY is highly recommended for a better eCommerce store. 

After all, has been said, let’s go through some of the best product to sell online:

1. PHONE CASES/ACCESSORIES: Everyone has a phone and they kit up their phones more than once in a year with new pouches to the earpiece and the rest. We’ve heard a lot of testimonies of people making it just by selling phone cases and you can be a part of them too with the right strategy. Strategies like the use of social media or the provision of transport ease; phone accessories serve as a good product to sell online.

2. Subscription boxes: A subscription box is a monthly box sent to a customer (hope you understand) I.e. a customer or anybody pays for a monthly delivery of packaged boxes filled with different products. Selling a subscription box is as simple as finding a niche(maybe grooming) then getting grooming products to packaging it then delivering it to your customer.

A subscription box in Nigeria ranges from ₦10,000 upward and the product in it can cost ₦6000 so you get ₦4000 profit for every box sold.

3. BEAUTY PRODUCT: Everyone wants to look good and are willing to spend money to find the product that suits them so selling beauty products are a great choice to sell. Another reason why beauty products are recommended is the fact that it can be seen as both a reseller product or a made-to-sell product. Examples of beauty products to sell are lipsticks, face wash, soaps, and the rest.

4. MINIMALIST JEWELRY AND WATCHES: Jewelry has been proven to be also part of the fastest product to sell online but disadvantages are:

. Its a filled market so selling there is stressful

. It’s expensive to start as jewelry these days are like gold

Its called a minimalist product cause it’s lightweight and easy to ship but its also a good product to sell online.

5. HEALTH PRODUCTS: Products in this category don’t just seem to be a fast-selling product but its one of the ideal products to sell online almost everywhere. It takes a lot to start as you’ll have to fill lots of paperwork and pay a lot but the profit is a sure bet with the right processing and strategy. It’s risky tho and I guess that’s one of the reasons why people don’t always venture in it…the competition are not determined but trust me when I say that going into this business helps.

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