E-commerce is now one of the largest sources of income for, obviously, everyone that ventures into it. With the right strategy and marketing, everyone has a space in getting that online money. From discovering why to discovering what to sell online, there are some steps to consider before going into E-commerce.

1. Finding A Niche: If you love seeing people sell online and you will love to sell too, you have to first figure out what your interest is/are.
It could be gadgets or fashion or whatsoever, finding the perfect niche is key; it serves as the starting point of a great sale. I’ve made another article on FINDING THE PERFECT NICHE FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

2. Find A Perfect Name: Apart from finding a niche, you’ll have to find a name that suits your business in every way. You can’t name a food store “Irontricks”, you’ll most likely name it ” Foodies Hut” that alone tells us that it is about food and not gadgets.

3. Find A Platform: It is called an online store and it’s meant to be managed online, so you probably have to find the perfect platform to sell it. The most popular is the Shopify and WordPress.
Shopify is an online store creator(simple, right?) I.e it was built mainly for the creating and managing of online stores. It’s a simple pay for the name-creating the store

WordPress, on the other side, is not just an online store creator but it is also a blog, website, and online store. You probably think WordPress is hard, well it’s not. It follows the same Shopify process. Pay for a name-creating the store.

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If you will be selling your products outside the country, I’ll recommend that you use Shopify as it comes with a shipping integration while WordPress doesn’t.

4. Focus On Finance: After you have decided on a niche, name, and platform, you’ll have to set a budget for things like:
A- purchasing of goods

B-Payment of domain and hosting

C-Delivery charges

D-Maintenance and more

Let me tell you more about PART B(Payment Of Domain And Hosting).

Whether you are using Shopify or WordPress, you won’t want to have a website name like “”, you will want a self customizable website name.

Domain-name of the website

Hosting-where the website data are stored.

The majority will choose Hostgator or BlueHost as their domain and hosting server but I’m in Nigeria and the very best is Whogohost. Whogohost offers are cheap and accessible for anything domain and hosting. I currently am using Whogohost and I have not had any issue with them.

5. Focus more on quantity and not quality: You’ve done the above steps and you have decided to start selling; I’ll urge that you spend time and money finding the very best of what you wish to sell then selling low-quality products.


* You might earn faster but your profit also fails faster

* Your customer reviews will definitely slack

* Poor customer satisfaction.

6. Patience: Well at this stage, you are already selling online and trust me when I say that your first month might be discouraging. All you have to do is push and grow that mindset of progress. If you are probably thinking of how to carter for the expenses, I’ve written for you steps on HOW TO SAVE. I hope you learned something from this article, I’ll definitely publish an ebook where I will place all these steps and more in detail.



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