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You are most likely looking at the topic and wondering; “undefined?. Well, yes…my first undefined relationship.Read to the end to fully understand why it is undefined.It all started when I just got into secondary school, I was one short boy who loved having friends around.I was just announced the class-captain of my class and not long after, I had my first school accident.One of my elder brother’s mistakenly, while playing, broke my teeth. I was crying bitterly, I was so pained that I didn’t talk throughout that day. Well, that’s another story.The second year of my secondary school resumed; I had to forget about it.Then we had a new-comer. She was chubby, pretty and not that tall. Her name was DEBORAH.Truth be told, I had no intention on dating her, I just wanted to make a new friend. So I approached her and we started talking and it turned out that I was the first guy to approach her. She became a good friend but not my best friend( i’ve never had a best friend).Weeks after, a new girl came; she was tall, pretty and looked confused. Everyone disliked her but I didn’t care so I approached her too and made her my friend and again, i was the first guy to talk to her. We connected and became good friends too; fortunately, she became good friends with Deborah too so it was like a triangle.They both liked me as a good friend but could tell that i and deborahs’ bond was stronger so everyone suspected that we weree dating. I did not admit or deny it, I allowed the gist to spread.The third year of my secondary school came and i was still their friend…me and debo still had a nice bond while me and betty were cool.

There was even a rumour that i cried when betty broke up with me…like why me??we didn’t even date

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We cherished each other, carec for each other, i made myself okay to her(deborah) especially when i figured she was asthmatic.So I forgot to mention that there was another cutie in our class(a guy). Cool and handsome too. His name was David.Then the second term of out third year came and the bond began to break. Why?

*I had academic issues

* I was depressed

* I thought I was alone

It was then that it dawned on me that:” bruv, there’s no bond anymore”It was obvious, we didn’t talk, as usual, it was more of me sitting alone or with the guys and her with David. At first, I didn’t care until I began to get angry with myself for no reason… I was pained.”BUT WAIT, I DIDN’T ASK HER TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND”.No, I didn’t, we were just close. I could have asked her to be my girlfriend but I wasn’t bold enough. Asides that I had other things to settle. I totally forgot about it until we had our JUNIOR WAEC(WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATION COUNCIL) EXAM orientation. I sat beside David and he told me David: Yo bro, what happened between you and Deborah?Me: I don’t know, we just stopped David: Are you hurt?Me: Hurt, why?David: She told me “SHE BROKE UP WITH YOU”


I was confused… I was laughing and confused. It took me a while before I could get myself then I called her and asked about what David said and all she did was smile and said that “YES, I BROKE UP WITH YOU” I didn’t know what to do than to just accept it as my fate. But I still ask myself…WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP IS THAT?? That’s why I called it an UNDEFINED RELATIONSHIP. I don’t know what to say…what should I have told her, what should I have done. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and please don’t tell me to go back to her(it’s been 4years now).

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