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There’re a lot of things that have been caused during COVID-19 lockdown and one of them is boredom. If boredom was also a sickness I’m very sure everyone would have been contaminated with it. So in this article, I’ll be going through some tips to keep yourself busy and lively during this lockdown.

  1. Learn a new trade: This lockdown has put a whole lot of church, schools, companies to temporarily shut down and it has left workers to stay at home; but when the lockdown is over, to fully settle down at work, the school will be a little bit hard as work will be doubled if not tripled so learning a trade will help in the sense that you will be able to monetize the little you have. Okay, but where are you going to learn the trade when most shops are temporarily closed; that’s simple, you can learn a trade online. YouTube is the biggest platform to learn something new for anyone and just a reminder it’s free, you won’t be paying for any service. YOUTUBE is by far my recommendation
  2. Spend quality time to discover your talents: so you have been trying to figure out what you are good at but you’re always distracted through school, work, and others as well; this lockdown is of help. Find a free time from anything you’re doing and figure out that talent. It might not be revealed immediately but it will surely be visible later.
  3. Reach out to “all your contact”: Do you remember that friend you met at KFC’s restaurant? Call him or her just to say hi; bring up a discussion and put a smile on the person’s face. You can save a life this way, you don’t know what he or she is going through. And if you feel that he/she needs daily attention and you don’t have that time, register him or her to our Helping +1 group where we send daily check-up messages through email and text to every registered person
  4. Watch those movies and listen to those songs or podcast: Pick up your phone and try to listen to every song on your playlists, if you need ideas on songs to listen to, check out my article on My Top Playlists. For podcasts, I recommend Spotify or pocket casts. Luckily for you, Netflix has brought back Avatar: the last air bender, pretty cool right. You can take your time to watch interesting new and old movies
  5. Spend time with God: This tip is a must for not a specific country but everyone.

In everything, you’ll be doing during this lockdown put GOD first. Push yourself to know GOD more.There is nothing much to say here cause it’s also self-explanatory.So that’s been it all, don’t forget to rate, comment, and share and also don’t forget to check out other articles here on BLOGGR.

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