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Nowadays everyone shops either through e-commerce stores or retail shops around or better still from supermarkets. But in some cases, most people shop and lavish their cash and he/she would be left with no money for saving. So in this article, I will be sharing some tips on how to save money while shopping.

  • Have a list of what you’ll like to buy: whether it’s through online stores like Amazon, Jumia, Konga, B&H, etc., ill advice you get a list of what you will want to buy, you are not going to shop the whole plaza or mall or store. Having a list of what to buy helps in setting your priority right.


  • Set your budget: having a list of what to buy is different from setting your budget. Setting your budget is setting a price range of what you’ll like to buy. Let’s say you want to spend #20,000 on shopping, you’ll have to either cut short some products to attain that budget but if any of those products are compulsory, you can:

a. either increase your price budget but not too much, increasing it with ₦5000 should support it.
b. The other option is for you to bargain for the product. Bargaining is you reducing the price to a suitable price for yourself. For instance; if Bode wants to buy a product for ₦5000 and the seller is selling it for ₦8000, bargaining is Bode trying to reduce the price to either ₦5000 or lower.

3. Don’t go with your ATM card: after you have decided on what to buy and how much you’ll like to spend the best option is to go to the market, plaza or wherever with cash, the reason being that if you go with your atm card, you might be tempted to spend more but if you have fixed cash to cover every expense like the products, transport, feeding or whatsoever; you’ll most likely spend less.

After doing the three (3) steps you will probably have a lot to save maybe from the ATM or even from the cash you carried.
I’ve broken down basic tips on how to save, short right, yes! you’ll understand it better that way and if you’ll like to get some tips on how to save, check out my article on that too.
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