Saving is more than a necessity for a settled future; every person needs to cultivate the habit of savings because it does more than just support ‘unexpected bills’ or whatsoever…it also helps in building net worth.

So in this article, I’ll be going through simple ways to save cash and if understood, you’ll be able to save consistently


  1. SET A GOAL: You’ve probably read most articles that tell you to first set a goal…well, I’m also advising that you set a goal before saving. You can’t just save for nothing, you need to have a reason for saving, it could be for a new phone or car or whatsoever…setting goals is a key factor not only when it comes to saving but for anything good in life.


  1. SET A BUDGET: Its called saving and its meant to be part of your income and not all of it. You need to decide that you’ll be saving a certain amount of money from your income cause you’ll have other expenses that do not need savings…so setting a budget is also a key factor in saving.


  1. BUILD A DETERMINED MINDSET: Always understand that when it comes to saving, a lot of sacrifices will be made…it could be that you have to sacrifice part of your feeding income to get to a certain point and at a certain time. So how can one build a determined mind:

.Cut yourself short from unnecessary things like; that fidget spinner or that teddy bear. Put your mind off getting all of that and focus on the main thing and that is what you’re saving for.


  1. GET A CASE OR CONTAINER FOR SAVING: You’ll need something to store all your ‘money’ whether it’s in your bank or a well-built box. After getting something, I’ll advise that you keep it in a very easy-to-get but secret area and that you should get a well-secured box.


  1. START SAVING: After you’ve done all of this, I can assure you that saving will be more or less an easy thing to do consistently. When saving, also try to look fit and healthy…do not go around looking broke all because you’re saving…you can decide to take sometimes off saving just to settle the main thing(your looks).


So that’s been it guys, my top 5 ways to save money. I hope you like and learned something from it; if so, rate, comment and share this article to teach others too on how to save.




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